Let Us Give You Five Reasons To Move Away From Your Mainframe

What will be the legacy of your mainframe? That it propelled your business forward, or held it back with high costs and inflexibility? Don’t be left behind. OpenFrame is a proven mainframe rehosting solution that can be rehosted in any cloud environment, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Using OpenFrame, you can replace your mainframe, reduce your MIPS or migrate your orphan legacy apps to the cloud.


OpenFrame gives you the freedom to lift, shift and modernize.

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5 Reasons to Rehost Your Mainframe

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TmaxSoft provides global IT customers with software-defined mainframe rehosting, middleware, RDBMS and technology that enables IT to actively and effectively contribute to achieving business objectives. A PwC Top 30 Emerging Market Software Company, our revolutionary technology is helping more than 2,000 companies transcend their IT challenges.